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A candid look into the hidden details of an abusive marriage. This book shows just how out of whack one’s thinking can get by ongoing mental manipulation, control and abuse. When a woman opens her heart to a partner, she’s vulnerable, no matter how strong she is. That vulnerability is what abusers latch onto and use to their own horrifying ends. It’s the worst kind of violation of trust and won’t just go away.


Each abused person must navigate their own way through and out. There’s no turn key solution to the process. You have to carefully navigate, balancing everything at once, following intuition and pouncing on unforeseen opportunities. This book shows how one woman did just that. It’s a powerful look into the epitome of strength.


This book is powerful, insightful, and one you just can’t put down. I felt as if I was there. I strongly recommend this book to men and women. By men, I meant the ones who empower women, cherish their loved ones, and fiercely protect them if the need arises.


The book will tell the story about a courageous, and intelligent soul, who placed her own safety on the line to protect children. One of the best books I have ever read, and a great eye opener. Outstanding book!!!

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WOW! I bought this book from Amazon on Tuesday. Got it yesterday afternoon and just finished it. Y’all! I don’t read books and I couldn’t put it down. This book gives you the insight of what it’s like to be on the abusive end.


The interactive website with pictures, audios, videos and transcripts puts you right there with her. You hear of these bad things happening. Not to just women but to men too.

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