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Mekisha Jane 


Mekisha  was raised in Houston, Texas, by her parents with her two sisters, in a normal middle-class childhood.  After she graduated from college, she continued to law school. Upon graduation from law school, she was offered a position as a prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney’s office, fulfilling a childhood dream to become a prosecutor. 

Mekisha was successful in her career and became a successful criminal trial attorney. But she had a secret, a secret she never confided in anyone. Her husband verbally and physically abused her, and she concealed it from everyone in her life. As a former prosecutor, she had extensive resources available, but she was still unable to break free. It was not until the abuse publicly escalated that her secret was finally revealed. She remained unbroken and finally summoned the strength to escape the cruel and violent relationship that had become her daily reality. 


Mekisha created a new life, one free from abuse, and now shares her experiences to create awareness and inspire hope for people currently trapped in a violent relationship.

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